How I've Won so Many Things & How You Can too!

How I've Won so Many Things & How You Can too!

For some reason, I seem to get lucky a lot. I'm not sure why.. but my husband and I always like to joke around about it because he doesn't have very good luck when it comes to winning things ;) 

Whenever I go to the mall- *boom* - first parking spot is open. (it's happened so many times.. it's comical) :') 

I entered a drawing for a t-shirt last week at the mall (my husband entered too) and I got a call the next day saying I won! My husband gets the shirt so he did kinda win :) 

My girlfriends and I went on a beach getaway and we had the cheapest room in the entire hotel.. but I just asked if they had an ocean view room and they upgraded us for free!

I wanted to go to this concert with some of my girlfriends but by the time we went to buy tickets, they were sold out! #sobummed When I got in my car, the radio came on saying they had 4 tickets they were giving away for this concert. I texted in my entry and I kept planning like I was going! Lo and behold, I won! And best yet, despite arriving late, we got front row seats because someone let us in before the huge crowds because we asked.

I got into a Christian music festival early and for free because I asked to tag along with my friends youth group. There were hundreds of people who camped outside so they could get in first.. I got the evil eye from many of them! 0.o

When I was little, I saw on Disney this drawing to win the newest Twister game (who wouldn't want that??). I got my little note card out and filled out my name and sent it in. On my birthday, I got a package in the mail with the new Twister game! That was a big deal for me as a kid. 

I'm not trying to brag about any of this! 

A hobby of mine is entering any and all sweepstakes I can find! I haven't won any major sweepstakes but I'm still holding out for the HGTV Dream Home.. The website I use to find all of these sweepstakes is The Balance

Have you ever won anything? Most of my friends responses they hear about things I've won is, "Oh, I never win anything." and my question to them is, "Have you ever tried??" Most of the time, they say no. There's your answer why!

I look for those parking spots in the front, while many just assume there aren't any and head for the back. I enter those sweepstakes that I probably have the tiniest odds of winning.. but you never know! Someone has to win, so why not me? 

You have to look for opportunities and take a chance! 

So that's it. Sorry if you were looking for some cheat code on how to win sweepstakes! I'd love to hear about things you've won! Comment below :) 




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